Trending September 2023 # Youtube 360 Video Not Working On Chrome &Amp; Firefox # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Youtube 360 Video Not Working On Chrome &Amp; Firefox # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Youtube 360 video not working on Chrome & Firefox [Fix]




Some users have reported having issues when trying to watch 360-degree videos on YouTube, some may be related to the browser.

Cleaning the browser, doing some updates, and managing the YouTube app outside the browser can help you resolve these issues.

We will also assist you if there is a compatibility issue between your device and the Gyroscope Sensor.

You don’t have to go through all of the troubleshooting stages; only the ones that apply to your situation, so feel free and choose your way.



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Google added 360-degree video support to YouTube in 2023. These videos have a new dimension that enables you to rotate the viewing angles with a navigation dial.

If the 360-degree YouTube videos aren’t working for you, these are a few potential fixes.

How do I fix YouTube 360 video issues in Windows 10? 1. Check Browser compatibility

First, note that the 360-degree YouTube videos don’t work in all browsers. So it might be that you’re opening the videos in an incompatible browser. You can view 360-degree videos in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

So if the videos aren’t working for you in browsers such as Vivaldi, Torch, or Maxthon, open them in Google Chrome instead.

2. Consider switching to a different browser

One thing you need to know about 360-degree YouTube videos is that they do require a bit more memory than regular videos, so a browser that is very lightweight is needed to compensate for the extra load.

Google Chrome isn’t exactly known for how resource-friendly it is, and that is why if you continue having issues with your video playback, we recommend you switch to a lightweight alternative.

One browser that looks and feels like Chrome, but is much faster is Opera. This incredible tool has all the features needed to make it excellent for watching movies as well as streaming content, and this includes 360-degree videos.


View 360-degree videos on YouTube without any issues with the help f this extremely reliable and fast browser.

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3. Check Browser HTML 5 Support

Your browser must support HTML5 for the videos to play. If it doesn’t support the HTML5 video element, that’s why the 360-degree clip isn’t working. You can check HTML5 support by opening this page.

That will tell you if your browser supports HTML5 and whether it’s the default player. If it isn’t your default player, and the browser supports it, press the Request the HTML5 player button.

4. Update Your Browser

If your Firefox, Chrome, IE, or Opera browser doesn’t support HTML 5, it’s probably an outdated version. So now you should update your browser to the latest version. This is how you can update Google Chrome if required.

5. Update the YouTube Video app on Android

If you can’t play a 360-degree video in the Android YouTube app, it might need updating. You can check Android app updates by opening the Play Store.

6. Switch on Full Hardware Acceleration in Windows

Expert tip:

This is how to configure hardware acceleration more specifically in Windows 7 and 8.

Press the Change settings button there to open a Display Adapter Troubleshooter window.

The Display Adapter Troubleshooter window includes a Hardware acceleration slider bar. You should drag the slider to the far right of that bar to switch hardware acceleration on if it’s not already enabled.

7. Enable Accelerated 2D canvas and Prefer HTML over Flash in Chrome

If 360-degree YouTube videos still aren’t working for you in Chrome, configure a couple of the browser’s about:flags settings. Input ‘about:flags’ into the browser’s URL bar and press enter to open the page shown below.

Now press the Enable button under the Accelerated 2D canvas setting there to switch that on.

Scroll down to the Prefer HTML over Flash setting and select Enabled from the option’s drop-down menu.

Next, restart the Google Chrome browser and then try playing a 360-degree YouTube video.

8. Does Your Phone Have a Gyroscope Sensor?

Android users should note that their mobiles need to have a Gyroscope for VR. So if your phone doesn’t have a Gyroscope sensor, that’s why the 360-degree VR YouTube videos aren’t working.

You can check your phone has that sensor with the CPU-Z app. That includes a Sensors tab that provides further device sensor details.

9. Calibrate the Gyroscope

If you do have an Android phone with Gyroscope, the sensor might still not be calibrated correctly. Calibrating that sensor may fix 360-degree VR YouTube videos. This is how you can calibrate the sensor.

You can calibrate the Gyroscope by opening Settings in your Android device.

Then you should tap Accessibility in Settings.

Now you might find a Gyroscope calibration option. Select that option to calibrate the Gyroscope.

Now try playing the 360-degree clip in the YouTube video app again.

10. Update your graphics card drivers

Your graphics card also plays a role in playing 360-degree YouTube videos, and if you have an older driver installed, there’s a chance it won’t support it. So, the obvious solution, in this case, is updating the graphics card driver:

If you don’t want the hassle of updating drivers manually, we strongly suggest doing it automatically.

Drivers are an important component of your computer since they instruct your software on how to interact with hardware. You will need to update these drivers or, if necessary, install new ones. This can be challenging, for instance, when you need to upgrade graphics card drivers in order to watch YouTube 360 videos.

The best driver updaters are ones that assist you to maintain and restore old drivers as well as installing the necessary ones for the PC to function properly.

These driver updaters will automatically download and update the drivers you need for your computer.

So with those fixes, you should now be able to play those dazzling 360-degree videos in your browser or YouTube apps. You can also watch the clips with 360-degree video player software and apps covered in the article.

Should you need more to read about troubleshooting online tools, visit our Fix Web Apps section, and manage any issues known.

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