Trending September 2023 # True Key Password Manager For Windows Pc, Android And Iphone # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # True Key Password Manager For Windows Pc, Android And Iphone # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Passwords are the most important thing regarding security as it happens to be only (or rather the first line of defense) security if two-factor authentications are not available. Whenever you are traveling or if you are out in a café and you need to enter the password, you have to be aware from the prying eyes of people who tend to see the password which you have entered.

Every day there are a number of different people who get their account hacked by password spoofing. Password Spoofing is one of the widespread methods of hacking someone’s account. But if you are using a good 15+ character password with all the different kind of symbols, letters, and numbers, then it is close to impossible for people to hack your account.

That being said it will also be relatively tough for you to enter the password every time and also to reset the password regularly. Fret not, order to solve this issue we have McAfee True Key which is among the better password manager software for you to authenticate using your face or fingerprint scanner without any problem.

You do not need any other app if you have the True Key app installed on your web browser and you simply have to authenticate either via the master password or the fingerprint scanner. The True Key app works not only on your PC or laptop but will also work on Mobile Phones Tablets and other devices.

McAfee True Key Password Manager

True Key is another free password manager which also includes support to Sign in with your face or fingerprint. This feature allows you to use your face or fingerprint as 2nd-factor authentication along with the master key, making it easier for you to recover your password. True Key is the re-branded version of Password Box which was bought by Intel, and now it’s under McAfee. The application offers an extension for all the browsers including Edge, and syncs across all the devices including Android, macOS, iOS and Windows as well.

Using True Key is quite easy and a simple process. In True Key, you don’t have to do much of the task. You simply have to head to their website and install the browser extension. Once installed you will have to make your Account or login into the existing account you have, now you will be able to use your Photo or your Fingerprint (requires additional hardware) to log in to any account you have on the Internet.

It is not available currently for all the different accounts on the internet but for all the commonly used websites are there, and you can use True Key with them without any problem. In the future, there will be more websites available.

True Key features

Automatic Sign-in

Universal Interface

Whichever browser you use – Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc. – you get to see the same interface to manage everything. Since it can sync across trusted devices, you have access to all your passwords anywhere.

You can visit TrueKey, and then hit the download button. Depending on the browser, it will start to download the extension for you. You have an extension for Edge as well if you use it often. It is available with the Microsoft Store.

Saves Multiple Things:

Not only passwords, but it can also save Notes, Credit Card details, SSN, Passport and so on. This makes it an ideal solution for managing everything in one place.

Multi-factor authentication

You need to make sure to have at least 2 factors before being signed in. You can go to settings, and select Which factor do you want to use to verify it’s you. If you have a Webcam, you can add your Face, and use it as one of the authentication methods.

How to use True Key Password Manager

Platform Agnostic

True Key basically syncs all the passwords through your Windows PC, Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. All different type of face unlock, fingerprint, and master password is common to all different applications. With True Key, you can easily transfer all the passwords which are saved in your web browser into the plugin which makes it secure.

There are also 2nd-factor authentication and Multi-Factor Maven feature which are like the premium feature and not available to all the users using the TrueKey plugin which in general is a free service.

That being said True Key had some truly horrible glitches. For instance, I was locked out of my account despite entering the right password. The app said that “Something was wrong” meant I could do nothing. Thankfully the issue sorted out all by itself, and I was able to log in on a while.

Do let us know what you think about True Key if you have used it earlier, and also let us know if it did help you in making the transactions faster and also logging in into every website without the need of remembering every password.

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