Trending October 2023 # Top 5 Messaging Apps For Windows 10 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Top 5 Messaging Apps For Windows 10 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Top 10 Messaging Apps for Windows 10

That’s where you can download a desktop version of your favorite.

But, before you download a instant messenger app for Windows, we highly recommend that you first install a software that can efficiently protect you against several kinds of malware because despite the chat apps being highly secured, you can still be prone to malware that hackers might plant into your chats.

Must-Try Messaging software For Windows 10 – Paid & Free Options

Now that your PC is all safe and set, here’s a list of some of the most popular messenger for Windows 10 you can use right away to enjoy instant communication & other perks.

1. Viber

It is a fantastic messenger app for Windows that lets you stay connected with your friends and family across the globe.  With Viber, you can do video messaging by making video calls, make free calls and send text messages. It has a simplistic design which ensures ease of use.

The features of this instant messenger app for Windows are –

Group chats can be extended up to 250 people and chats can be protected by a pin

Viber enables you to transfer calls between devices

You can block and unblock mobile numbers

Integrated ‘doodling’ allows you to edit photos within the app itself

Smart notifications

You can hide a user’s online status and seen status

You can delete a voice message or text message even after you have hit the send button

Download Viber Messenger for Windows Here

2. Facebook Messenger

Yes, your favourite chatting app, Messenger is also available as a desktop version. Using the free instant messaging app for PC, you can share audio clips, pictures, videos, emojis, stickers & more. The desktop version is similar to the web version & you can perform almost all tasks while using the communication platform.

Features of Facebook Messenger for Windows include:

Initiate new conversations.

Open & read old messages.

Make phone calls & video calls.

Share GIFs, docs, images, videos & other multimedia files.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows Here

3. WhatsApp Messenger

Almost everyone who has a smartphone has a WhatsApp account. But, what would you do if maybe you could not access your phone for a day? That’s when WhatsApp messenger while you might be well versed with the smartphone version of WhatsApp, the desktop version renders equally great services apart from just being a one-on-one chat solution.

Just like the smartphone version, here’s what you can do with WhatsApp messenger for Windows 10 –

Effortlessly sync all your chat from your smartphone.

With end to end encryption your voice messages, photos, videos, status updates, calls, etc. are highly secured.

You can conduct group video and voice calls.

Picture-in-picture mode allows you to watch a YouTube video or any video from any source in the preview itself.

Download WhatsApp For Windows 10 Here

4. Telegram

Telegram is what it rightly claims itself to be – a fast cloud-based instant messenger app for Windows. It is a fast yet simple Windows messaging app that ensures security and can be synced across several devices.

Let’s have a look at some of its spectacular features –

Simple yet effective design.

High level of security, it is backed by 256-bit symmetric & 2048-bit RSA AES encryption.

Store files of varied formats and sizes.

Best place for hosting large groups and communities.

You can create a group chat consisting of up to 5000 members.

Telegram is, therefore, great for coordinating team projects.

Download Telegram Messaging App For Windows Here

5. Slack

When we hear of the messenger, we mostly think of personal communication. But the fact is effective communication is also needed in an office setting too. There are different teams and different tasks and it’s needless to say that communication has to be crystal clear. This is where slack comes in. It’s a great messenger for Windows 10 that can accommodate the communication needs of your office.

Slack comes with some of the most intelligent features which include –

You can create project wise or department wise channels.

You can share and edit documents and files with the right team member.

You can text or even call any person on your team.

Notifications can be customized according to what really matters

Download Slack Messaging Platform Here

6. Skype

Skype is a messenger for Windows 10 that needs no introduction. It has for long been an incredible instant messaging apps for pc that lets you send texts, voice and video calls with no problems. And, even if there are some, here’s how you can resolve them.

Here are some of its acclaimed features –

You can collaborate with up to 24 friends or family members on a video call.

Instantly send videos, photos, files and documents of up to 300 MB without a hitch.

You can now share screens with the person you are chatting with.

You can now increase your productivity with the help of @ mentions.

When you send @ mentions to people, they appear in the notifications section.

You can then see the files and documents that you have shared with them.

Download Skype Messaging App For Windows Here

7. Discord Messenger

If you are a huge fan of online PC games then you should take a moment & familiarize yourself with Discord Messenger. This messaging app for Windows 10 & other versions is dedicatedly designed to help players to communicate and coordinate via private servers.

Features of Discord Messenger for Windows include:

Chat with small or large groups.

Share text messages or do voice calls.

Allows you to set up multiple servers to chat with different groups.

Invite friends for chatting using a unique invite link

Download Discord Messenger For Windows Here

8. Spike

Love using emails? Then, you should definitely give a try to Spike messenger for Windows 10 & other versions. The free messaging app is available for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS. Using Spike, you can send text messages to individuals & groups, make HD video calls and do much more.

Features of Spike for Windows include:

Send one-on-one private messages.

Send voice messages.

Make HD video calls.

Tools for file management.

Schedule important tasks with Calendar.

Download Spike Messaging App For Windows Here

9. Google Hangouts

You saw this coming, right? Google Hangouts had to be included in our list of Best Paid & Free Messaging Apps for Windows 10 and other versions. It brings all the features needed to initiate quick communication with your loved ones. Additionally, Google Hangouts is a great solution for file sharing, video chatting & enjoy all benefits while integrating with Gmail, Drive & more.

Features of Google Hangouts for Windows include:

Best tool for file sharing.

A sophisticated option for video conferencing.

Make instant phone calls, video calls & send text messages.

Best messenger for Windows 10, suitable for both personal & business use.

Download Google Hangouts Messenger For Windows Here

10. Voxer

Voxer is one of the most popular messengers for Windows, Android & iOS users. The communication platform is best known as a walkie-talkie (PTT) solution to connect with your loved ones. Using Voxer, you can enjoy a plethora of capabilities to send messages, share files & even location. Let’s see what else Voxer messenger app for Windows & other versions has to offer:

Features of Voxer for Windows include:

Make large groups & initiate instant communication with all.

Send voice messages.

Share GPS Locations.

Great messenger for Windows 10 to share multimedia files.

Download Voxer Messaging App for Windows Here

Which Is Your Favourite Messaging Platform For Windows?

Why restrict messaging to Smartphones when you can enjoy a seamless messaging experience on your PCs and enjoy the best of both worlds using some of the most popular paid & free Messaging apps for Windows 10. Out of all these which one’s your pick?

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