Trending September 2023 # Top 10 Jobs Forgraduates For Respectable Career # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Top 10 Jobs Forgraduates For Respectable Career # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Jobs for chúng tôi Graduates (Freshers)

This article provides an outline of the top 10 jobs for chúng tôi Graduates. After completing 10+2 schooling in commerce, many students pursue chúng tôi a 3-year degree course that allows them to choose any niche field within commerce. It is one of the most popular graduation courses students take after school. But the next important question is – what job profiles are available for these commerce graduates once they have completed their course? This article will try to answer the question by discussing the best profiles available for chúng tôi graduates seeking jobs.

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Top 10 Jobs for chúng tôi Graduates (Freshers)

B.Com can be ideal for aspiring students looking to start a career in finance and accounting. Also, these graduates become eligible for innumerable jobs with good pay, benefits, and growth opportunities. Out of the available options, the following are some exceptionally good and offer a respectable career.

Accounting & Auditing

Tax Advisory Services

Financial Services

Commercial Banking

International Banking

Insurance Services

Stock Market

Manufacturing Services

Government Services

Export/ Import Companies

1. Accounting & Auditing

In this profile, candidates function as account executives, junior accountants, senior accountants, and accounts managers. The candidates learn practically about different aspects of business accounting, from journal entries to finalizing annual accounts. They must also check their organizations’ internal accounting policies and control processes. They also do routine audits as the organization’s internal auditors, who assist the statutory auditors in their cost, tax, and statutory audits. In short, they help maintain a disciplined accounts department.

2. Tax Advisory Services 3. Financial Services

The financial services sector is another employment avenue that absorbs many candidates from the commerce stream. It won’t be wrong to assume that chúng tôi graduates have an edge in this industry, where they are appointed to some of the finest private financial services companies to build various financial products. The chúng tôi freshers are appointed as finance executives, finance managers, area managers, customer support, etc., based on their interests and expertise.

4. Commercial Banking 5. International Banking 6. Insurance Services 7. Stock Market

Candidates looking for opportunities in the stock market should know where to start their journey. Many firms or stock market participants, such as stock broking firms, registrars, stock exchanges, custodians, clearing corporations, investment banking firms, research institutes, etc., offer the perfect launchpad for a career in the stock market. The growth and evolution of the trading industry in India have intensified the need for talented people, especially those from commerce or finance background.

8. Manufacturing Services 9. Government Services

The State Government and Central Government offer excellent job opportunities for fresh chúng tôi graduates. The different departments, such as Revenue, Defense, Railway, Public Works Department, Forest, etc., hire these graduates as probation officers, accounts assistants, divisional officers, and many more based on tests and eligibility exams.

10. Export/ Import Companies

A candidate’s job in an export/ import company anywhere in the world can be challenging. They are engaged in planning & coordinating shipments, supervising delivery, managing customers, and ensuring compliance with export, trade, and financial laws. Thus, candidates with a better understanding of finance, like chúng tôi graduates, are preferred in this industry.


We hope the above list will answer the question – what career options to pursue after chúng tôi Now, you can choose a career based on your interest and preferred career path.

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