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Trending September 2023 # Spring Boot Vs Spring Mvc # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular

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Difference Between Spring Boot vs Spring MVC

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MVC: It is a type of architectural pattern where 3 components come together to accomplish the task of web development. The model component is all the data related components the user works with. The view component looks into the user interface logic of the application. And finally, the control component bridges the path between Model and view components.

Boilerplate configurations: The part of code that is reused most of the time in code with little or no alteration is known as boilerplate.

Bootstrapping: A self-sufficient process that can proceed without external input is known as Bootstrapping.

What does it mean in a simplified term?

Before we look into the comparison table, let us understand what these two terms mean in the simplified term. Understanding these will allow readers to get an intuition of what they are and ultimately help in grasping.

Let us take an analogy of house building. Spring MVC is like one building the house with raw materials that need to be carefully assembled so that the house is built in a strong fashion and doesn’t collapse. Whereas Spring Boot is like having the structure of the house pre-built like pillars, iron rods embedded in cement, etc., one can just focus on the house design and use this pre-built framework to complete the house.

Head to Head Comparison Between Spring Boot vs Spring MVC (Infographics)

Below are the top 6 differences between Spring Boot and Spring MVC.

Key Differences Between Spring Boot vs Spring MVC

Spring Boot and Spring MVC’s key difference is in the type of problem set; each one is trying to solve. Spring Boot caters to a wide variety of application development, whereas Spring MVC was built with an intent to build dynamic web pages and API or RESTful Webservices.

Spring MVC is a methodology in which one uses the intuition of decoupling ways or loosely coupled architecture of developing web solutions and implement web applications with MVC architectural design patterns.

The dependency management in Spring Boot is automatic. If we are calling one dependency, then internally, all the dependencies are tied for a smooth run of the executable file. Whereas in Spring MVC, we would need to couple all other dependencies and their version manually to get the desired result.

Spring Boot runs on the intuition of “convention over configuration”. As a result of this intuition, we are able to get rid of a lot of unnecessary configuration.

Spring Boot vs Spring MVC Comparison Table

Let’s discuss the top difference between Spring Boot and Spring MVC.

Genre Spring Boot Spring MVC

Boiler Plate code In Spring Boot, the intuition is to avoid boilerplate code. All the dependencies are wrapped in a single unit, and one need not focus on dependency while delivering the product.

Packaging in the form of JAR In the case of packaging in the form of JAR, one can include the embedded server in order for the feature to run stand-alone. A lot of manual configuration goes into the feature to attain the same level of packaging.

Development Time Since all the dependency related items are taken care of, the development time is greatly reduced. One needs to make sure all the dependency matches their version in a coupling situation, which might lead to more development time.

Productivity The level of productivity will increase as not much time is spent in determining the dependencies and their versions. The level of productivity would decrease as a considerable amount of time is invested in understanding the dependency addition.

Dependency Spring Boot internally uses Spring MVC. Spring MVC stands on its own.

Flexibility Spring Boot has other technologies one can use to build different other applications. Spring MVC is designed only for the development of dynamic webpages and RESTful web services.


As evident from the entire article, we don’t really have an apple to apple comparison in comparing Spring Boot and Spring MVC, but still, these two terminologies are still used interchangeably in the software world. Due to the nature of software development in current days, we have container-based deployments in huge demand and going forward; we would need to have Spring Boot playing the game of autoconfiguration is container-based deployment so that one can focus on the business logic and not waste time in figuring out the dependencies clashes. One common thing that might create confusion is the use of annotation to develop an application in both types of technology. But as a software developer, be wary about the niche differences so that one can use the right technology in the right space.

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