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Trending September 2023 # Learn The Methods And Categories # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular

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Introduction to DataSet Visualization

Dataset Visualization is the graphical representation of Data that contains the details of the data. This is used for the analysis of data that can be done using the visual elements, this is used to analyse big and massive processing data and try computing the result out of it.

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With data Visualization we can have a set of patterns and colours that help the data distinguishing easier and comfortable, generally, it’s like an Art which makes the environment easier and allows users with certain functionalities to play on with data.

In this article we will try to analyze the various Methods of using the data Set Visualization and its features.

Let us try to see about Data Set Visualization in more detail.

Methods and Categories in Dataset Visualization

Let’s try to understand the various categories and Methods in Data Visualization. The method involves various steps that are used for Data Visualization:-

Area Chart

Bar Chart

Gantt Chart

Circle View


Text table

Waterfall chart




The visualizations can be further categorized into:-


This type of Visualization technique is used when the Dataset is linear and one-dimensional. It is something like we will be having a linear correlation that can be visualized with the data. Some Examples for the temporal part covers:- Scatter Plot, Timelines, Line Graph.


The data sets which are in a certain hierarchy or order falls under this Visualization technique. Visualization has certain order that defines characteristics from the same how the data sets are connected. Some of the Examples for the Hierarchical part being: – Tree, Ring.


Some datasets are connected in a network pattern with each other within a cluster or within an area bound that can be used for visualization falling under the category of Network one. Examples for the Network part being:- Word clouds, Matrix Chart.


As the name says multidimensional means a dataset having multiple dimensions throughout, this is something like a 2D or 3D visualization where we can draw and visualize data based on a certain axis showing the dependency ahead.

Some Examples for this being:- Pie Chart, Venn Diagram.


Some examples of this being:- Flow Map, Density Map.

Data Visualization Importance and Career Scope

Data Visualization has a great career scope and a person can be Data Analyst having the freedom to work, play and visualize data from the given data set.

The need for Data Visualization Engineer is increasing day by day which can be further classified as Business Analyst and Data Analyst.

The Engineers design and develop solutions based on the data set provided and try to identify a pattern from the given data set. They have the knowledge and access to various tools and BI soft wares that will be used for further Data Analysis.

The BA analyze the business reporting and data analysis they also contribute to a great career working on the visualization model such as generating dashboards,  building reports , publishing of the report and so on. They have the access to the creation of dashboards that can be given to clients or the end to end business.

The Data Analyst have also of great career scope working on the reporting and visualization of data, they work over the analysis of the data collected from various organizational and try creating reports out of it.

There are researchers and data scientists coming up with various new Visualization types and tools to have a better understanding of Data. It is the smartest way of providing any complex information and tries to gain the valuable insights out of it.

They are the smartest brain in the industry responsible for the end to end report creation and creation using the data. These data can be huge and require various tools and exposure over the data. There are some of the smarter tools that are available in the market the exposure of which creates a great career over the data Visualization.  A person having the exposure and mechanism to deal with data can work on all the pattern analysis for the data and can rise ahead with career part also.


There are certain Data Visualization tools that are available to be used. It comes up a plotting mechanism that plots the data and the columns from these data can be used for analysis and getting the visualized channels out of it.

Visualization of the sum of sales by invoice Number:-

Let’s try counting the distinct City Value from the sales data.

Counting the Sum by Customer Number:-

These are some examples of Data Visualization that can be used and can be analyzed further.


This article covered the concept of Dataset Visualization. From various examples, we tried to understand the career level and importance of Dataset Visualization. The various methods showed how Data Visualization can be done and the steps involved for the same.

We tried to see the methods and categories for Data Visualization also the career importance showed how this can be a better and permanent career being.

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