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Trending September 2023 # Learn The Different Framework Ofin Detail # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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Introduction to chúng tôi framework

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Different chúng tôi framework

Basically, chúng tôi frameworks can be bifurcated into the following categories with a consolidated list of frameworks as per category:

1. Component Collections

This category represents the frameworks including a set of components without a layout system and consists of the following tools and components.

vue-admin: It is a framework which is used to create any admin panel and comprises of Vue 2.0 and Bulma 3.0.

keen-ui: It is a kind of Component Collection framework which is used to write UI components using vue and sometimes provoke material design.

vue-mdc: This framework is basically used for getting the components for the web-based on Vue.js.

vuikit: All the necessary and inevitable standard libraries and components are present in the UI kit with all flavours of vue.

wffranco/vue-strap: This framework comprises of a blend of Bootstrap 3 components with Vue version 2, i.e. Vue 2.

Uiv: It comprises of Bootstrap 3 components incorporated with the implementation of Vue 2.

2. Mobile

This category is responsible for designing User interface frameworks related to mobile using the following modern tools and components.

vue-onsenui: This component of the framework is one of the versatile frameworks which is used for mobile app development. It consists of Software development kid, which contains HTML 5 and JavaScript for making and building beautiful UI with bindings for Angular 1,2, React and Vue.js.

Weex: Weex framework can perform or act as a common API at the time of development to display cross-platform websites.

Framework7-Vue: This framework is very helpful in building a fully functional and featured app for iOS and Android devices using Framework7 and Vue.

vux: It is a framework that uses a Chinese component naming WeUI, which is used to develop Vue UI.

weex-eros: This framework comprises an API for developing solutions based on these API for the simple and easy development of the web.

mint-ui: It is a part of the framework as a mobile UI element for Vue.js.

Mand-mobile: It is a mobile UI toolkit based on chúng tôi 2, which is used for designing basically financial and banking related scenes.

3. Admin Template

vue-element-admin: vue-element admin is a component of the framework where the vue admin is based on elements related to UI 2.x, which means any variants related to version 2.

element Vue Admin: It is also somewhat like vue-element admin with little difference of the fact that this template includes the use of an admin portal template based on the UI 2.x variants.

iView Vue Admin: It is a template based on iview 2.x, which involves the use of iview admin to customize the entire portal template.

rest-admin: Rest admin is an admin panel that involves Vue and Bootstrap 4 for customization on Vue.

Shards Dashboard Lite Vue: It is an interesting feature introduced in the Admin template because it supports many custom components and templates.

4. Static Website Generator

This category represents vue frameworks for the generation of single-page websites.

Gridsome: It is used to build flexible and fast websites with a modern touch of Vue.js.

Peco: Not so convenient to use a framework but still used as a static website template generator in an unmaintained form for human readability.

VuePress: It is a static site generator which is further used for creating and generating minimal Vue oriented website.

5. Server-Side Rendering

As the name suggests, this category represents a vue framework for maintaining server-side manipulation.

Universal vue: vue universal is a good server-side rendering framework that uses the Vue CLI plugin to create universal vue oriented applications easily.

Ream: This framework is used for creating and building server-rendered and make use of vue in a minimal way.

js: a flexible and versatile framework for server-side rendering.

6. Responsive

This category includes the following set of Vue framework:

vue-material: vue material kit is an appropriate framework to boost the speed of framing and building any website that requires minimum knowledge of JavaScript, Vuejs and Vue Router. Overall, the package consists of some easy and understandable libraries to enhance the web page.

quasar-framework: This framework is used for creating and building responsive websites involving the blend of hybrid mobile applications like Android and IOS using the same code as chúng tôi 2.

vuetify: vuetify is one of the responsive frameworks which is used to create a material component framework for chúng tôi 2.

buefy: This includes frameworks related to the Bulma framework.

element-ui: A chúng tôi 2.0 UI toolkit is being used for creating this element-based UI in the responsive category.

muse-ui: It is also a material component library for chúng tôi 2.

iview-ui: A framework which extensively supports for chúng tôi 2.0 for the web.

7. Miscellaneous

This category represents vue framework for various and miscellaneous use of components which are categorized as follows.

CabloyJS: It is the most desirable and flexible Node Js used for developing the websites, which are the most preferred framework as it supports for Node JS full-stack Development further involving platform based on EggJs, KaoJs, VueJs and Framework 7.

Basys: Basys is a complete framework used to build full-stack chúng tôi apps and involves a toolbox.

Vue-Access-Control: It is a frontend-oriented framework which is used for accessing control on the components.

app-framework: it is a free and open-source framework used for constructing IOS and android apps comprising HTML and JavaScript.

Myfirebase: It is a framework that is compatible with google firebase and is basically used to create a single page quality application framework.


Vue.js framework is a framework which involves many other frameworks supporting for building and creating enhanced websites. These tools and frameworks are used to construct responsive UI’s as per user or website developer requirement and an essential Js for full-stack development. All the Node Js and frontend development reluctantly make use of Vue.js.

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