Trending September 2023 # Know Prerequisites &Amp; Stepwise Installation Of Ansible # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Know Prerequisites &Amp; Stepwise Installation Of Ansible # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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How to Install Ansible?

The following article provides an outline for How to Install Ansible? Ansible acts as a stabilized engine where every software application can be nicely deployed. Apart from a deployment perspective, other attributes like the support of cloud-related services are also available through ansible. A component called ansible-playbook allows to precisely achieve the above-depicted properties and also, in addition, it allows automated processing of job execution.

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The layout of the ansible-playbook is installed over largely flexible languages such as YAML which also tends to be in a human-readable format. a server-side element like SSH(Secured shell host ) is used for establishing a connection for Ansible with its corresponding nodes. Also, this setup of SSH and Ansible connectivity involving nodes to be connected is a process that is demon less and does not involve an agent.

Pre-requisites to Install Ansible

Distro: CentOS/ Ubuntu Linux /Debian/ RHEL/

Jinja2: Friendly designing language used specifically for python

PyYAML: Python programming language emitter and parsing component

parmiko: SSHv2 protocol library which is python native

Steps to Install Ansible

Given below are the steps required to install the Ansible:

Install Ansible Using YUM

Step 1: Form a universal id on collective machines, for Example, ansible with SUDO privileges. All ids involved in automation tasks can use this ID.

# passwd ansible

Both the machines execute the above-listed set of steps. This happens when the end system is to be restarted

# systemctl restart ssh

Step 4: For achieving passwordless authentication the below list of steps has to be performed. initially add the Ansible user to the /etc/sudoers file on both the machines which finely allows Ansible users to execute all commands which need root privileges. Terminal exit once the needed elements are added.

Step 5: Switch out to user Ansible.

Control Machine su – ansible AND Target Machine su – ansible

Target Machine:

Step 6: Wget has to be installed in both the machines involved.

$ sudo yum install get -y

Step 7: Enabling EPEL repo allows us to install ansible on the control machine. Add-on software packages can be installed using Fedora.


$ ansible –version

Step 8: Edit the chúng tôi file and enable the inventory file parameter on the Control machine.


$ sudo vi /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg

Step 9: Target machines are tracked and managed using inventory in Ansible. Usually, this file is present in /etc/ansible/hosts and allows to be edited. Every needed machine is associated with these groups. A group name and square bracket are applied within each and every group. Multiple groups are tagged in a server.

Step 10: To execute the webservers groups allow execution of the below-listed ansible commands. Ping allows a particular function to be tested and also whether the host systems can be established as the connection parameters mentioned in the inventory file.

$ ansible webservers –m ping

Ansible Installation Commands using MacOS.


sudo pip install ansible

Commands to Install Ansible using CentOS/Fedora.


sudo yum install ansible

Commands to Install Ansible using Ubuntu.


sudo apt-get install ansible

Ansible Basic Commands

Given below are the ansible basic commands:


Ansible definitely acts to be a largely stable system in the market that priorly works on software deployment and managing configurations across this software. All the above statements of ansible setup are done in a largely optimized manner. Also, ansible exhibits very strong support for its platform and also in the process of integrating cloud services and methods.

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