Trending September 2023 # Junit Course (15 Courses Bundle, Online Certification) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Junit Course (15 Courses Bundle, Online Certification) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular

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About JUnit Course

Course Name Online JUnit Course

Deal You get access to all videos for the lifetime

Hours 49+ Video Hours

Core Coverage JUnit tool for testing and test-driven web development practices from scratch.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning JUnit testing.

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about Java programming

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for the course

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each15 course, Projects with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

JUnit Course Curriculum

Serial Number Course Name Time Required Description

1 Java JUnit 2h 27m In this first tutorial, you will learn how to use JUnit for unit testing any code written in Java Programming language. Further, you will get to know about Fixtures Concepts and creating classes for testing purposes such as Test Case class, Assert Class, etc. The Tutorial is boosted up with examples being held up after completing each topic so that the topic can be retained by you for long.

2 Java New Version Features (Java 8, 9 and 12) 3h 15m This Tutorial video will brief up you with the course introduction i.e. al the topic which we’ll be covering up in the training.

3 Java 13 Oh 16m This Tutorial will help you understand the basics of Java 13 along with its installation.

4 Project on Java and JUnit – Library Management System 2h 28m In this video, first, we’ll go through the introduction to Library Management System then we’ll start developing some schema or POJO classes and some collection classes. Further, we’ll go through creating UI for Menu, handling the exception, creating validation regular expression, and integrating validation in UI as well. At last, we’ll start learning how to test the Project with the help of JUnit.

5 Project on SpringBoot – Appointment Management System 2h 13m In this video, we’ll start with the introduction of the project then go through concepts like creating Model, Understanding JPA as well as creating Services

6 Project on Java TestNG – Doctor Management System 2h 32m First, we’ll go through a brief intro to the project, then we’ll learn about the CRUD and schema operation done on the database such as the creation of the schema class as well as creating collections for CRUD operations. Further, we’ll talk about the UI creation following the validations required and performing some exception handling. At last, we’ll learn the installation of TestNG and how to use it to test the projects.

7 Project on Spring Framework – Creating a Shopping Cart Web App 3h 27m First, we’ll go through a brief intro to the project, then we’ll go through the building step for making the app such as Database creation using MySQL, creating the entity class, and chúng tôi files as well as creating the Model and DAO of the project. In the DAO creation, we’ll dig deep into implementing DAO, creating the Util class as well as creating the Authentication. Further, we’ll focus on creating the validator and various controllers needed following which in the end we’ll create the configurations and create the views for the app.

8 JDBC Project – Employee Management System 5h 9m First, we’ll go through a brief intro to the project, following which all the JDBC concepts such as making a connection with the Database, type of JDBC drivers, etc. will be covered up in the video lecture.

9 Project on Jenkins – Employee Management System 1h 54m

10 Project on JDBC – Inventory Management System 5h 14m First, we’ll go through a brief intro to the project about its function and goal then we’ll go to a series of a video explaining every functionality of the project and how to make it.

11 Project on Java Servlets – Online Admission Process 3h 29m First, we’ll go through a brief intro to the project about its function and goal following this we’ll go through detailed stuff to know about its making. In this, we’ll first go through the basic process such as building Database structure using Postgres, creating logins, and entering colleges and schools to be listed. Further, we’ll go through making general info forms for students and uploading the necessary files section. At last, we’ll go through other parts such as application forms, pay fees online, providing payment gateways, and verifying it.

12 Project on Java 1h 32m First of all, we’ll explain about the project then we’ll go through the detailed stuff in the front page and login such as building its database, creating the front page, creation of logins for admin and users, and at last learn how to provide controllers for the front, user, and admin page.

13 Project on JSP – Employee Detail Management 2h 25m First, we’ll go through a brief intro to the project about its function and goal following this we’ll dive into creating Database and User Panels for the Projects this also includes all the creating pages such as credit page, register page, creating a login, server setup, etc. Then we’ll work over the admin panel such as the creation of the cart page, a user log in and logout pages, etc. And last the output of the project.

14 Java Project – Student Management System 2h 21m First, we’ll go through a brief intro to the project about its function and goal following this we’ll start working over the project with working over the creation of UI, creating POJO classes, defining exception, etc. Continuing to this we’ll learn the validation process using Regex, at last adding, deleting, updating and displaying Student records

15 Project on Java and Hibernate – Employee Management System 2h 38m First, we’ll go through a brief intro to the project about its function and goal following this we’ll start working over the project starting with adding the dependencies in the config file and creating the UI and POJO class as well as the exceptions. Further, we’ll define the validations and at last provide operations such as adding, deleting, updating, and displaying employee records in the output.

JUnit Course – Certificate of Completion

What is JUnit?

Which Skills will you learn in this Training


Going along the course you will grasp many skills that help shape your future better and make the right decisions. One such skill that you can grasp while learning JUnit will make you a better developer as it helps you provide better and reliable code easily and makes you code faster. As it is used for unit testing it makes your habit to check the code more often than just writing it which eventually helps you enrich you with good programming skills. By learning JUnit, you can find out the loopholes in Java and work on them easily hence increasing the credibility of your coding skills. Testing along with coding the program will make you eyed out among your company and provide better opportunities as well.


As such, there is no prerequisite for learning JUnit, but knowledge of certain technologies and ideas will be helpful while learning this testing framework.

As JUnit is a unit testing framework for Java Programming language hence knowledge of Java Language should be inherited before going through JUnit because eventually, you must code first then only you can test it.

Basic knowledge of Software testing, various types of testing included in a software design phase, implementation of these testing, etc. will act helpful before going through this JUnit Training Course.

Knowledge of best programming practices helps remove future errors from code.

Will to learn new technologies and explore them.

Target Audience


Pursuing his diploma, graduation, or degree in the field of server-level or system-level testing, standalone and web application development, etc. can choose out his way to take up this JUnit training with all the key concepts and fundamentals being explained in this JUnit Training Course.


Who wants to become Tester, Web Application Tester, or an IT professional looking for a switch in his career in the field of Testing. A research scientist presupposed in Web Application Testing, Bug Finder, IT specialists, professors, and teachers can opt for this JUnit Training.


Who has an interest in obtaining knowledge on finding critical bugs and mistakes from programs can go for this JUnit Training which will provide you a great level of understanding of this technology and its usage through real-life projects given in the training?

JUnit Course – FAQ’s Why you should learn JUnit for Java Programming?

JUnit is an open-source technology which provides a testing framework for Application written in Java programming language. JUnit is used for unit testing the small chunks of code which helps you provide better and reliable code. JUnit is a well-proven testing framework that is being used among many Java Developers and Companies. Hence for making your code reliable and getting ample opportunities, you should go for this course.

Why you should take up this online course for JUnit?

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Course Testimonials

Comprehensive course training


Nicholas Parrish

A great extensive course on developing web apps with Java

I found this course to be very thorough in its information. It covered a wide range of things you would be able to do with the apps. It also covers a lot of variations that might happen when writing the code and it makes sure that the apps that were developed are more user friendly and less likely to have issues when released to be tested or used in a program or webpage. Very satisfied with what the course offered and how it was presented. I think it would be a great course for anyone interested in this field to check out.

Tony Hsiao-Tung Huang

Java EE/J2EE – Java Servlets


Shiyas Cholamukhath

Very nice courses

I am so happy and glad that I got to learn such a wonderful course by sitting at my place. It was just an amazing experience. I like all these courses so much that I can not explain my affection in words. I am satisfied with the training provided by Educa.

Sai Harika Prathi

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