Trending September 2023 # How To Reset A Frozen Nintendo Switch? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Reset A Frozen Nintendo Switch? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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There’s one frustrating problem that the Nintendo owners are facing, and that is a frozen or unresponsive console.

If you, by chance, get trapped in a situation like that where the Nintendo Switch gets frozen during the gameplay, or you are unable to navigate the menu, then it is indeed disheartening.

Do not worry, as in this troubleshooting guide; we will discuss the possible causes behind a frozen Nintendo Switch.

We will also provide you with step-by-step solutions for your console to get back to its working condition.

Let’s get started!

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There are many reasons behind a frozen Nintendo Switch, and those are:

Software Glitches

Dead Battery

Outdated System Software

Faulty Or Dirty Game Cartridge

Incomplete Update

Loss Of Wi-Fi Connection


Hardware Malfunction

Various troubleshooting steps help to unfreeze the Nintendo Switch.

These steps will assist the readers in troubleshooting and resolving the freezing issues that they will encounter.

Restarting the game will help eliminate software glitches and conflicts, thereby allowing you to play without any interruption.

It will also free up resources by giving the game a fresh start and improving its performance.

If the game is freezing in spite of the console being turned on, then you will have to quit the game.

Press the home button.

Then choose the ‘X’ button for the Close Software option.

Re-open the game and check if this could fix the problem. If you cannot close the game and nothing happens when you press the Home button, restart the Switch.

Restarting the Switch can work wonders when it comes to a freezing Nintendo. You can also follow this guide for hard resetting a Nintendo Switch.

The first and foremost step is to press and hold the Nintendo’s Power button for nearly 20 seconds.

After the screen goes completely dark, tap on the Power to turn on the Switch.

Soon, you will notice a Switch logo almost similar to a normal boot sequence after you have selected the “Restart” option. If this does not work, charge the Switch.

If the Nintendo Switch’s battery is low, then there won’t be sufficient Power for running the system. It’s essential to fix the Nintendo Switch if there is no power to avoid unnecessary disruption.

Charging will help to regain the necessary amount of Power required to run the system and play the game. It also reduces the chance of freezing and gives a stable performance.

So, it’s better to connect the device first to the charger and then allow it to get fully charged.

Once charged, press the Power button and turn on the Switch. Check if it is working as expected now. If not, check your internet.

A weak and unstable internet connection can also cause the game to freeze.

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If your internet is stable and still the Switch is not working, Power reset the Switch.

A power reset can prove to be an effective troubleshooting method for fixing a freezing Nintendo Switch. 

Doing this will restart the Nintendo and clear the temporary issues or glitches that are likely to be responsible for the freezing of the Nintendo. In case the Nintendo Switch doesn’t wake up from sleep, you can apply these troubleshooting methods to regain control.

Here is how you can perform a power switch reset on your Nintendo:

Look for the power button and then press and hold it for at least 15 seconds.

Avoid the power options screen.

After powering off the device, look for dirt or dust in the game card and microSD card slot.

If required, wipe that with a dry cloth and turn on the device to check if it is still getting frozen.

If the Nintendo is still frozen, remove any wired controller attached to the Switch.

Sometimes after attaching the wired controllers, the gamers find their Switch frozen.

So, if you are using a wired video game controller attached to your Nintendo Switch, then unplug it for a few seconds and then re-connect it back.

If there isn’t any freezing issue after removing the wired controller, then it is highly likely that the issue was with the controller.

Undocking and redocking the Switch is an effective way to solve the freezing issue that is generally caused by connection problems, display-related glitches, USB-C port inconsistencies, or any other communication glitches.

It will help establish a secure connection and refresh the display output.

If your old Nintendo Switch dock isn’t working properly, it’s high time to replace it and get a new one.

But it is always recommended to use the official Nintendo Dock to avoid incompatibility issues and additional glitches.

It has been reported that often a damaged SD card is known to be responsible for the freezing issue on Nintendo.

If the data stored in the SD card is damaged or corrupted, then it will eventually lead to data loss or errors. This is also responsible for the freezing of the console. To recover files from SD cards in different scenarios, go through this write-up. 

Also, if the SD card is incompatible with the Nintendo, then it results in freezing.

Look for possible damage, scratches, or dents and replace them as and when required. Replace the SD card with a different one and check whether it solves the issue.

If none of the above solutions helped you fix the freezing issue on Nintendo, then there’s a need to contact the Nintendo Customer Support service.

State your problem and follow the instructions given by the experts to fix it.

Can A System Update Fix the Freezing Issues On My Nintendo Switch?

Yes, updating your Nintendo Switch to the latest system software can help you in fixing the freezing issues.

    What If My Nintendo Switch Continues To Freeze Despite Trying All The Troubleshooting Steps?

    If your Nintendo Switch continues to freeze after performing all the troubleshooting steps, then it’s better to contact Nintendo’s customer care support or seek assistance from any technician.

      Can Using Official Or Third-Party Accessories Cause Freezing Issues On My Nintendo Switch?

      Yes, official or third-party accessories like chargers or docking stations can lead to compatibility issues and freezing problems.

      Let us know how this article helped you deal with a frozen Nintendo Switch and get back to your seamless gaming experience.

      So, don’t ever let a frozen console dampen your spirit. Stay connected with us for more game and tech-related articles.

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