Trending September 2023 # How To Fix Audio Format Eac3 Is Not Supported Error: 4 Method # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Fix Audio Format Eac3 Is Not Supported Error: 4 Method # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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The Audio format EAC3 is not supported, an error usually occurs when you try to play videos using the MX player on your computer or mobile devices. When it happens, you get the video but without any audio.

EAC3 or Enhanced AC-3 is a digital audio format designed by Dolby Labs to succeed AC-3 and provide high-quality audio with better and more efficient compression. It dynamically adjusts the bit rate based on the encoded audio allowing EAC3 to support a wide range of applications.

This article will explore the EAC3 audio format and how to fix Audio format EAC3 not supported error.

Why Is Audio Format EAC3 Not Supported?

You will likely encounter the mx player eac3 not supported error when using MX player because MX player no longer supports DTS and Dolby audio codecs. They removed a collection of codecs from their decoder library affecting audios encoded using the EAC3, AC3, DTS, DTSHD, and MLP.

How do I Fix EAC3 Audio Format Not Supported Error?

Here’s how you can restore your audio and continue watching your favorite videos.

Method 1: Use the VLC media player to fix the error

It is also possible to fix the audio format EAC3 not supported error using your VLC media player.

VLC allows you to convert the audio of your video to MP3 format or any other format that works with MX player. To do this:

Step 1) Open your VLC media player

Step 8) Select a destination point for where you want your video to be saved at the end of the process.

Step 10) Check whether the audio format eac3 not supported error is solved on your MX player.

Method 2: Add Custom Codec to MX Player

Step 1) Open your MX player and open your settings

Step 4) Visit this link to download the recommended codec.

Step 6) Once done, follow the prompts to install the custom codec you just downloaded.

Step 7) Once you’ve installed your custom codec, reopen MX player and check if the issue is resolved.

What if MX player fails to detect the custom codec after you download it? To solve this, you will have to add the custom codec manually. Luckily, the steps required to do this are easy.

Method 3: Convert EAC3 Audio Format to Other Compatible Formats

If downloading a custom codec doesn’t work, consider converting EAC3 to other formats compatible with your MX Player.

For example, you could use a video converter to convert EAC3 to a format such as MP3 or even the AAC audio codec, which will then allow you to watch your videos with audio. Luckily, there are many free video converters to help you convert your EAC3 to a more compatible format for MX Player.

Method 4: Use an EAC3 Audio Format Supported Player

Another great option to deal with the Audio format EAC3 is not supported error is to use a different media player, preferably an eac3 audio format supporting app.

This option works for non-technical people who don’t know how to convert audio as well as those who don’t have the time to download and install custom codecs. Many media players support the EAC3 codec.

For example, the VLC media player, one of the most popular media players for users worldwide, offers great support to a wide range of codecs.

Who uses EAC3 Audio Format?

EAC3 is used in different applications for its ability to maintain high-quality digital audio even after compression.

You will typically find EAC3 in:

Broadcasters: Digital TV broadcasters use EAC3 formats to transmit high-quality audio due to its improved efficiency and quality.

Home theater systems: The EAC3 format also comes in handy in home theaters that provide surround sound. Its ability to support up to 7.1 channels allows modern sound systems to provide immersive sounds.

Video Games: Video game creators use the EAC3 format on their sound to create an immersive sound experience during gameplay. This makes gaming feel real.

Movie Theaters: Just like with home theater systems, the EAC3 format is popular with movie theaters for its ability to create an all-surround feel with movies.

Blu-ray discs: EAC3 works well on Blu-ray discs because of its ability to be compressed without losing quality. This allows more content to be saved on Blu-ray discs.

Tips to Prevent EAC3 Audio Not Supported Issue

What if you wanted to prevent the EAC3 audio format not supported issue and not have to deal with it again?

Here are some methods to prevent this issue from happening to you.

Consider encoding your MX player unsupported EAC3 format using your desktop audio or video converter to create a more compatible audio format.

Consider using another video player, such as VLC, if you are not too picky about players.

Install a codec pack. A codec pack is a collection of codecs that your media player can use to decode different audio and video formats.


The EAC3 codec is a type of audio codec used for digital compression due to its ability to provide high-quality audio without using too much space.

An MX player codec is software that allows the player to read different types of video files. You can think of it as a translator between video files and your computer’s or mobile phone’s hardware.

The translator helps your device to understand the video’s format and specifications to display it correctly. That’s why different video formats need different codecs.

EAC3 is a versatile audio format used in different applications. Some of these applications EAC3 include

Streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix.

Modern sound systems such as home theaters.

Modern media transmitters, such as broadcasters and video game consoles.


The audio format EAC3 not supported error mainly appears when you try and play some videos on the MX player. When this happens, the video plays without the video. This error occurs because MX player no longer supports DTS and Dolby audio codecs like EAC3.

To fix eac3 not supported on mx player, consider options such as converting the EAC3 audio format to other compatible formats, adding custom codecs, and using an EAC3 audio-supported player.

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