Trending September 2023 # How To Add, Update &Amp; Change Signature In Outlook: 4 Methods # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Add, Update &Amp; Change Signature In Outlook: 4 Methods # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Outlook is an email client and personal information manager developed by Microsoft Corporation. Outlook offers a wide range of features for managing emails. The ability to add a signature in Outlook emails is one of the most useful features. If you use the signature feature, you probably understand how essential it is to maintain a professional email signature. Your signature represents your personality and the image you want to convey to others, so it’s crucial to update it regularly.

An email signature is a block of text that is usually added at the bottom of an email. It often includes the name, job title, company name, contact, and email address of the sender. It may also include a logo or other branding elements. Your email signature can serve as a branding and communication tool regardless of your profession.

One can easily edit a signature in Outlook by following a few simple steps. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to change your Microsoft Outlook signature step by step.

Method 1: How to change the signature in outlook on the web

Outlook on the web is accessible via any web browser, making it easy to access your email from anywhere. To update a signature in the Outlook web app, follow these steps:

Step 5) In the “Settings” window, select “View all Outlook settings,” located at the bottom of the list.

Step 6) On the left-hand side of the page

Select “Mail”.

Select “Compose and reply” from the options that appear.

Note: There are many websites and resources available on the internet that offer a variety of Outlook signature templates. You can copy any signature template and paste it into the signature editor box.

Method 2: How to change the signature in the outlook Desktop app

Outlook desktop app has more features and customization possibilities than outlook on the web.

Here are steps to change the signature in the outlook Desktop app:

Step 1) Launch or Open the Outlook app on your desktop.

Step 3) On the left-hand side of the screen, select “Options” from the menu.

Step 6) In the Signatures and Stationery window, select the signature you want to edit from the list.

Step 7) Edit the signature block in the ‘signature Text box’/‘Edit signature box’ as desired.

Step 8) If prompted, select whether you want to set the edited signature as the default for new messages, replies, or forwards.

Your edited signature should now be saved and ready to use in your Outlook email messages.

Method 3: How to change the signature in the outlook Mobile app

The Outlook app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Using the mobile app, you can easily check your email and update your email signature in outlook more quickly. The process of updating your signature in Outlook Android and iOS apps is essentially the same.

To edit or add a signature in the Outlook mobile app you can follow these steps:

Step 1) Open the Outlook application on your mobile device.

Step 3) Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and tap on the settings or the gear icon. It will take you to the outlook settings screen.

Step 4) Under the “Mail” section of settings, tap the “Signature” option to open the signature editor.

Step 5) Enter a new email signature or edit an existing signature in the text box of the signature screen.

Step 6) Once you are done editing, tap “✓” or the tick button to save your changes.

Your Updated signature in Outlook will be saved and added to new messages or emails you compose.

Method 4: Add a ‘business card’ to your Outlook signature

A digital representation of your personal and contact information can be referred to as a business card. Using a business card in your Outlook signature is a professional way to share your information with others.

These steps can be followed to add a business card to your Outlook signature:

Step 5) In the Signatures and Stationery window, select an existing signature from the “Select signature to edit” box. If none exists or is available, you can create one.

Step 7) In the “Insert Business Card” window, select a contact to include as a business card to your Outlook signature.

Tips: Your new signature with the business card should now be saved. Also, it will be automatically added to any new messages or emails you compose in Outlook.

Note: If no business card is available in your Outlook Contacts, you will need to create it first.

Tips for a good email signature

Here are some tips for creating a good email signature:

Keep it simple: It is best to keep your email signature simple. Using too many colors, fonts, and graphics can make it look messy and less interactive.

Include relevant information: You should add correct information about your name, job title, company name, contact, etc.

Use a professional photo: If you decided to add a picture to your email signature, pick a nice-looking portrait that looks professional. You can also use your company logo if you want.

Use consistent branding: It is a good practice to make your email signature content matches your company’s branding. This may include colors and logos.

Include a call-to-action: Include links to your social media profiles in your email signatures. It will give email clients or recipients more options to engage or interact with you.

Make it mobile-friendly: Your email signatures should be mobile-screen optimized. This is because many users check their emails on mobile devices.


There are several reasons why you might consider changing your email signatures. Following are a few good reasons:

A professionally designed email signature can help you make a positive impression on your recipients. It also presents you as a credible and trustworthy individual.

If you’re part of an organization, you may be required to use a specific email signature that adheres to branding guidelines.

Updating email signatures with up-to-date information helps avoid confusion.

You can create different signatures in Outlook and assign them to specific email accounts or types of emails. Follow these steps to do it:

Step 4) To use a signature for a specific email account, select that email account under the “Choose default signature” section.

Step 5) Select the signature you created from the drop-down menu under “New messages” and “Replies/forwards”.

Step 7) Repeat steps 3-6 to create and assign signatures to other email accounts or types of emails.

Note: Your updated outlook signature will be automatically inserted when you compose a new email message or reply/forward. If you wish to change the signature, go to the toolbar and select a different one from the “Signature” drop-down menu.

To add a handwritten signature to an email in Outlook, you can scan your handwritten signature. You can also use a digital stylus to write your signature on a touchscreen device and save it as an image file. You can then insert the signature image into your Outlook signature and use it when composing emails.


Outlook signatures reflect one’s personality and image to others.

We can change the outlook signature whether using the online web app, the PC desktop app, or the mobile app.

Adding a business card to your signature can be a great way to share your contact information with others. Here’s a list of the best free electronic signature software you might find useful.

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