Trending September 2023 # Best Quit Smoking Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Best Quit Smoking Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Smoking is an addiction and doesn’t need to be a part of you or your loved ones. I wouldn’t bother asking why you’re here reading this. I know you’re deliberately taking steps to quit smoking or find a solution for a loved one. And this is part of the effort.

While you might have considered some forms of therapy, I have listed the best iPad and iPhone apps to help you quit smoking.

1. Smoke Free: Quit smoking now – Editor’s choice

Smoke Free gives you a program rather than an app. It’s the best app to use if you want to reward yourself for staying away from smoking. And for the most part, it subjects you to proven techniques to help you quit smoking.

The app first asks about your smoking habit to determine the severity. It then uses this to tailor behavioral therapies. Also, to make this more deliberate, you can share your quit date with friends and families.

Its machine-human AI interface is one of the features you’ll find valuable if you stay in tune. So this is an intelligent coaching service offering all the tips you need to ditch smoking. I find its accountability and reward program quite helpful, too.

Moreover, you can document your daily progress in a dedicated diary within the app and get rewarded for quitting smoking. Most features on the app come freely. However, you might want to subscribe to its premium service to embed yourself deeper into its comprehensive program.

Besides tips for quitting, it has a dedicated program that shows what you stand to gain from getting rid of those sticks. The dashboard also features a stats section displaying your progress over time and how much money you’ve saved from avoiding smoking.


Stats to monitor your progress

Accountability and reward program

Evidence-based standards to recommend quitting therapies

Detailed dashboard

Document your daily progress


The tips in the Cues and Mantra sections could use more dynamism

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $0.99)


2. Kwit: Quit smoking for good! – Best cognitive and behavioral approach

The creators of Kwit understand that quitting an addiction is a stepwise process that needs following up at every stage. So the app uses cognitive and behavioral therapies to reduce your smoking level by bits until you’re finally free.

If you’re feeling low or unmotivated due to relapses, Kwit’s gamification and reinforcement programs are there to fix you up. Indeed, there’s a solution for you regardless of your addiction level. However, like some other cigarette quitting apps, this one uses your smoking level to suggest tips in a rehabilitative approach to help you quit smoking in a 9-step program.

To start on the app, you’ll first supply information, including the number of cigarettes you smoke daily and the amount you spend daily on it. This is so the app can track your progress over time. Kwitz also has a diary feature that automatically helps you keep track of your progress on a level-basis approach.

A fascinating attribute of Kwit is that you can join a Facebook or Instagram support group via the app. So, rest assured that you’re not alone in the struggle.


Human-friendly approach

Join an online support group

A comprehensive and rehabilitative approach

Perfect for smokers of all levels

A reinforcement program


Progress stats can be more comprehensive

Premium services can be expensive

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $4.99)


3. Quit Smoking – Features a 100-day quitting program

Quit Smoking comes to your aid in a 100-day dedicated program to help you stop cigarettes completely. The app is simple but offers a variety of psychosocial tools to help alleviate your addiction and wipe it off in the end. And there’s an award section that hands you a barge for your achievements.

Further, it has a dedicated cravings section where you can determine things prompting you to smoke. It also relies on tested clinical approaches to smoking rehabilitation.

However, Quit Smoking syncs your attention into the quitting program using a self-decisive approach. Hence, you decide to stop smoking the day you start using Quit Smoking. This is helpful as it gives you a sense of dedication.

Interestingly, the dashboard is a layer of stats that shows the number of days you’ve gone without buying cigarettes and the amount you’ve saved avoiding smoking.

Ultimately, you can monitor the impact of your progress on your health in the app’s health awareness section. Keep in mind that this section is only educational rather than a real-time health checker.


Get educated on the impact of smoking on your health

Monitor your progress

Get rewarded to follow your course

Divert your money into productive things

Determine factors that make you smoke


The health check feature can be more intuitive

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $1.99)


4. QuitGuide: Quit smoking – Completely free

QuitGuide is a simple app that lets you quit smoking and share your news with friends for accountability’s sake. You’ll also be able to fill in a reason for quitting so it can set a reminder should you fall back to smoking. You can also customize your quit plans and access tips on how you can quit smoking.

QuitGuide even gives you identity by allowing you to upload a profile picture. Like the other apps, you’ll also need to seed your smoking behavior while starting. However, this one makes a difference as it takes your craving moments into account.

Some of the unique attributes of QuiteGuide are the progress and relapse buttons on its dashboard. This not only helps you to record your daily progress but also lets you report whenever you have a relapse, too. So the app takes relapses into account, after all.

Ultimately, there’s a stats section to see your progress. Overall, QuitGuide is an ideal app for the purpose and what’s more striking is it’s free despite the value. However, the user interface can be better.


Completely free

Set your quit plans

Make a note to remind you why you’re quitting

Detailed stats section

Easily identify factors that make you crave smoking

Detailed and progressive quitting tips


User interface is a bit cluttered

Price: Free


5. Quit Smoking Helper: Stop now – Determine your cravings

So you want to quit smoking using an intuitive but simple app? Quit Smoking Helper is your best bet.

You’ll see a smoke-free time showing the number of days or hours you’ve gone without smoking on its dashboard. Additionally, you can view the amount you save from your decision to quit smoking. However, the app provides comprehensive health progress based on these stats.

Coupled with the beautiful user interface, it’s extraordinary how the units in this one work together to achieve your goal. Plus, you get rewards for your achievements. You can also document your journey using its diary section if you like. Also, it features a Cravings section that lets you assess the factors that trigger you to smoke.

Further, this one features several missions dedicated to helping you remove smoking from your life. Here, you can take notes and learn why smoking is detrimental to your health.


Keep what triggers you in check

Beautiful UI

Comprehensive statistics

Monitor your savings from quitting smoking


Less rehabilitative

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $1.99)


6. Quit Smoking NOW: Max Kirsten – Prepared from first-hand experience

Quit Smoking NOW is the best app to try if you want first-hand help from an expert therapist. It’s a hypnotherapy app. And it features tips from Max Kirsten, an award-winning Smoking Cessation expert and clinical hypnotherapist.

What’s unique about the app are the hypnotic pieces of audio that come with it. Indeed, these have a resounding therapeutic effect on the mind and help shift your focus from whatever triggers you to smoke.

To start using the app, you’ll provide your detail in a Quit Calculator to determine your smoking level. And you’ll find many handy resources and tips for quitting in the Getting Ready to Quit section.

While some parts of the app are free, you might want to opt for the premium plan to use it to its full scale. And for what it’s worth, Quit Smoking NOW is worth the value. There’s also a dashboard to view your progress. Unfortunately, you can’t access that with the free plan.


Get first-hand expert tips

View your progress

Many hypnotic pieces of audio

Free tips on quitting smoking


Most features are only available in premium

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $4.99)


7. QuitSure: Quit smoking easily – Chat with a lifestyle coach

Whether you’re a habitual reader or a listener, QuitSure has got all the tips to help you quit smoking in either format. Candidly, I didn’t expect much from Quitsure, but I’m captivated by its user experience and interface. It would’ve been even better if you could choose both or switch options. Unfortunately, there’s no provision for that.

The app takes you through a thorough 6-day rehabilitation program, and the tips are in modules. According to the rules of the app, you must complete a module in a day.

Additionally, there are exercises to supplement each module. These are only available in the premium plan. You can also restart the program anytime and clear initial progress if you feel you need a restart.

In another daily step, you’ll need to review your instructions and view your daily progress. All these are efforts by the app to keep you engrossed in its wealth of programs.

Although some features are free, you might want to opt for the premium to get more involved in what QuitSure provides. Ultimately, the app features a platform where you can even chat with a lifestyle coach.


Impressive user experience and interface

View daily progress stats easily

Ideal for a short-term program

Choose between text or audio format for tips

Restart the program at any time


You can’t switch later between the audio and text options

Price: Free (Subscription start at $9.99)


8. Quit Smoking Hypnosis by MT – Contains hypnotic meditation audio

As the name sounds, Quit Smoking Hypnosis is a repository of hypnotic meditations available in audio formats to help quit your smoking habit.

So this one doesn’t feature varieties like the other apps but draws more focus on short meditations you can listen to repeatedly. The app features free mediation audio pieces, but most are only available in the premium plan. You can also download the audio to listen to offline or share with loved ones.

While the app is devoid of dynamic programs, you can combine it with other apps as a meditation source. The app’s responsiveness is a bit tardy, though. And this affects its user experience. However, it doesn’t affect its functionality significantly.


Listen to effective daily hypnosis

Download and share hypnotic audio

Simple and easy to use


Limited features

Responsiveness is a bit tardy

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $5.99)


Wrapping up!

Getting rid of your smoking habit is a dedication. However, while I’ve suggested the best iPhone apps that help you quit smoking, the results vary among individuals. You might want to supplement one of these apps with the help of a therapist if you feel you need human input.

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