Trending September 2023 # 10 Websites To Track New Year Resolutions # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 10 Websites To Track New Year Resolutions # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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With every new year, we make some resolutions. We choose to do something, give up something, change something, etc. While implementing the new year’s resolutions, the enthusiasm dies down, and finally, we give up. It is a common phenomenon. According to a study, nearly 80% of people give up their new year’s resolutions by the second week of February. If you are looking to be in the other 20% who don’t give up, here is the list of 10 apps and websites to track and stick to your new year’s resolutions.

Benefits of Tracking New Year Resolutions

New year’s resolutions actually mean something to us while we make them. They help us achieve a few things we are missing, or forego and few things that bother us. Here are a few benefits of new year’s resolutions.

Keeps you motivated: One of the prime reasons we give up new year’s resolutions is lack of motivation. If you choose a good website or app to track the resolutions, it makes you feel motivated with the data. You don’t feel like giving up once you are into tracking them.

Personal Growth: If you make a resolution to learn a new skill, or join a gym to shed a few extra pounds, tracking them keeps you motivated until you get habituated to the goal. The goal achievement factor kicks in after a few hard days when you start seeing the change.

Achievement: Some habits are hard to give up. If you make a new year’s resolution to give up a bad habit that is harming you, the sense of achievement you get after seeing the tracked data is immeasurable.

These are a few benefits of tracking new year’s resolutions. Let’s see which websites you can use to track them.

10 Websites to track New Year Resolutions

The following is the list of apps, websites and online tools that can help you track your new year’s resolutions and stay focused on goals. There are some goal-specific sites. Follow them accordingly. You can even use them to track your habits if not for new year’s resolutions.







Eat This Much




Let’s get into the details of each habit-tracking website.

1] Habitory

Habitory is a free-to-use habit-tracking website. You can use Habitory as a web app as well as on your Android phone. The main purpose of the developers of Habitory is to create an app that can track habits freely. You can track specific routines of a habit or even track something you do occasionally.

With Habitory, you can create habits based on your new year’s resolutions, and track them. You can view Daily and monthly reports of your tracked data. If you think, you forget to keep your habit, you can even set reminders to do them.

2] Habitify

Habitify is another good app to track your new year’s resolutions. You can set up your habits according to your resolutions. Set multiple reminders to carry out those habits, and stay accountable. After tracking your resolutions for a few weeks, or months, you can view the detailed reports on Habitify.

Habitify is available on multiple platforms to download and use. You can use it on the web, and download its app on Android, iOS, or macOS.

3] DailyHabits

DailyHabits is a good habit-tracking web app you can use to track your new year’s resolutions. Its interface is so simple and looks like an Excel sheet. The interface is created as a visualization trick where you can see the progress of an entire month in the sheet. The colored ticks beside each habit tell the progress of an activity. The interface of DailyHabits is enough to keep you motivated throughout your journey. You can set flexible goals on DailyHabits. For example, if you want to go to the gym for a number of days in a month, you can set that goal in the DailyHabits while creating the habit. The feature to create notes is something that hooks you onto the goal by making notes of the lapses, reasons, and achievements. DailyHabits is free to use for a lifetime.

4] everyday

everyday is a minimalistic habit-tracking tool that is available to use on every platform. It is even available as an extension on major web browsers. This can be a good fit to track your new year’s resolutions. On everyday, your habits and resolutions are tracked on a simple board. Your consistency in doing those habits, makes it look beautiful. everyday interface looks traditional like you track your habits on paper. Using everyday, you can set daily, weekly, email, and don’t skip twice reminders. You can use it for free to track up to 3 habits in a free tier which is enough for tracking new year’s resolutions.

5] Clockify

Clockify is a feature-rich tracker you can use for free. The focus of Clockify lies in time management. This is very helpful to people who work on an hourly basis. You can track the time spent on an activity, and also create a timesheet of an entire week to see where you are spending more time. Clockify comes with many templates that can help you track time in various instances. If you are running a small company that cannot afford tools to track your employees’ log-in and log-out times, Clockify can help you.

6] Habitica

Habitica is a unique app to track your new year’s resolutions progress. It helps you build habits by treating your life as a game. Habitica has within-game rewards and punishments if you miss out on your personal growth tracking. It has tools to keep you motivated in your journey of goal achievement. Habitica is easy-to-use on the web as well as mobile apps.

7] Eat This Much

Eat This Much is a food-tracking app while you are on a fitness goal as a part of new year’s resolutions. It suggests personalized meal plans based on your food preferences, budget, and schedule. If you are on a goal to lose or gain weight, Eat This Much would be the right choice. You can even create your own diet plan, follow it and track it on Eat This Much.

8] Forest

Forest app is another unique tool to track the progress of your habits as well as time. You plant a tree, whenever you need to focus on something. The more you focus on your habits or goals, the more the trees grow. You get coins for the trees you grow. If you leave your habits mid-way, the trees you planted will die. You can use this app as an extension on Firefox as well as a mobile app.

9] Notion

You might have used Notion for note-taking or other purposes. Notion has many free-to-use templates that you can use to do various tasks. It also has a Habit tracker template that you can customize and use to track your new year’s resolutions. Notion’s free tier is enough to cover your goal-tracking needs. You can use Notion on every platform, from Windows to Android.

10] myhours

If your new year’s resolution is to stay productive for the maximum hours in a day, myhours is a good choice. With myhours, you can track the time and productivity of the tasks you do. You can even create reports of your productivity and improve on them. myhours is helpful even to employers to track the productivity of their employees. Using myhours, you can boost your productivity, manage your time better and efficiently, and can manage teams well.

These are the different websites and apps you can use to track your new year’s resolutions and achieve your goals.

How do you keep track of New Year’s resolutions?

Keeping track of new year’s resolutions is a simple thing but takes dedication. There are various habit-tracking tools that can help you track your resolutions. If you don’t want to use third-party tools, you can create a habit tracker sheet on Excel or Google Sheets and fill them out manually every time.

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